About Ignite Naturals™

Real food energy for your high performance lifestyle

Why we're so Obsessed with using Real Food Ingredients in all our products

Since launching in 2010, our team of founding endurance athletes, nutrition specialists and doctors have been obsessed with revolutionizing sports nutrition using real food ingredients and science to obliterate jitter-inducing energy boosts, post workout crashes and long-term cellular damage.

No detail of growing, sourcing, manufacturing and packaging our products escape the scrutiny of our mission: to create the purest, best tasting real food sports nutrition and dietary performance products on the planet.

We'll also never ask you to risk your long-term health to improve your performance now

We can't consciously justify adding artificial ingredients or fillers that have meaningless value or boosters for quick fix energy spurts that wreak havoc on your body and long term health.

That means No GMOs (genetically modified foods). No stimulants. No artificial sweeteners or processed sugars. No hormones. And no unnatural fillers — just an impressive list of antioxidants and real food ingredients. All scientifically formulated to support superior performance now and your safest long term recovery possible.

Each formula in our supplement program supports your body’s different needs at the cellular level—the root of energy and vibrant health. Together, each product works holistically and naturally to:

  • Create the pure strength and energy you need to perform
  • Speed up recovery by naturally flushing waste
  • Boost your immune system to reduce illness
  • Provide explosive power so you can excel in your performance

Why else you'll love using Ignite Naturals

We listen. We take your health and athletic performance as seriously as you do. No matter if you're into yoga, crossfit training or a professional Triathlete. The entire Ignite Naturals product line is formulated with 100% real food ingredients—never any artificial flow agents, unnecessary fillers, stimulants, artificial sweeteners, or processed sugar. Each performance supplement and energy gel is field tested every day by a growing number of professional athletes around the world who provide invaluable feedback and support.

We respond. We always turn to Mother Nature first to figure out the best real food ingredients that will deliver peak performance and optimal health in the most convenient way. This way, your body will recognize, absorb and respond more quickly when you need it most. Plus, real food tastes better. That's why we use organic unprocessed whole fruit extracts like mango, banana, papaya, blueberries, blackberries, figs and more. So you'll never have to choke down artificial tastes and ingredients to perform your best.

We relate. We understand reading sports nutrition and dietary performance labels can be mind numbingly confusing. Many nutritional supplements hide empty nutritional ingredients or other stimulants that produce short-lived energy and long-lasting cellular damage behind 100% natural labels.

That's why you'll be able to recognize (and pronounce) every real food ingredient in our products. You'll also have the peace of mind knowing each serving infuses your body with naturally derived vitamins and minerals you need to perform your best, without ever risking your recovery time and long term health.

We care: We know the source of all of our ingredients and work directly with the manufacturers whenever possible. We also focus on buying from fair trade sources only. That way, we can ensure every process is as sustainable as possible. We are relentless with quality control — double checking all HCOA (certificate of authenticity) no matter the source, to ensure it's accurate. Then we test again to make sure no heavy metals or other harmful chemicals have been added that will hamper your performance.