If you want complete recovery, you need to go beyond just carbohydrate and protein replenishment.

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Whole foods and 100% natural ingredients to instantly accelerate your body’s natural energy.

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Nourish and balance your adrenals, helping to fortify against stress, promote recuperation after exercise and maintain healthy energy levels.


To enhance power, strength and energy naturally, then you need to go to the core of the issue: cellular energy.

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Choosing the right pre-workout nutrition is critical when it comes to personal performance.


Your success as an athlete relies heavily on recovery and recuperation.

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Though poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to weight gain, it's not the only determining factor. In order to understand why you gained weight and how you can lose it, you first need to get inside the anatomy of a fat cell.

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We need more than a ‘quick fix’ to get us through the day. The solution to chronic low energy needs to address the causes, rather than just cover up the symptoms for a few hours.


Winning The Fight Against Fat

by Get IN

You train hard during season so you can perform at the top of your game. Everyday you follow a strict training schedule and never veer from your diet regimen. After all that hard work, you’ve earned a break from it all.

No matter how much or how little time you took off from training, you’ve likely noticed it shows on your scale. You feel uncomfortable carrying around that extra 5 to 10 pounds, and often hide beneath layers of clothing. But, now it’s time to get serious and focus again.

If you want to excel and even surpass your season last year, you have to shed those extra pounds. You’re done letting loose and now it’s time to tighten up your diet and refocus on your training.

But how? Those extra pounds seemed to creep up so fast, and it’s going take a ton of extra work to get them off. How could you let your self go so easily? Was it that you neglected to follow a strict diet? Did you take too much time off from training?

Though poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to weight gain, it’s not the only determining factor. In order to understand why you gained weight and how you can lose it, you first need to get inside the anatomy of a fat cell. Then you can better understand how our potent combination of GSH Ignite™ and Adrenal Reboot™ can help burn the energy stored in fat while regulating your hormone balance naturally.

The Anatomy of a Fat Cell

We like to think of fat as bloated little cells filled with grease that makes it hard to button our pants. But they are actually quite fascinating and complex.

Scientists used to think that fat cells were nothing more than storage compartments for oils. But recent studies over the last 10 years suggest that they are highly complex chemical factories that secrete potent hormones and other substances with harmful effects on your metabolism and weight, as well as your overall health.

Researchers no longer refer to fat cells as inert. A study published in JAMA suggests that fat cells are believed to be an endocrine organ comparative to the thyroid, which also release hormones into the blood stream. The key difference is other endocrine glands cannot grow as rapidly as fat cells.

In fact, fat cells have a seemingly infinite ability to make more of themselves. If your fat cells grow and expand too much they belch out poisons that contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, and other illness like diabetes and some cancers.

The largest problem with fat cells is that your body can always produce more and they have incredible longevity. Not only that, but as they fill up they don’t divide. They actually send out signals to smaller fat cells to divide. This means large ones always stay large and small ones create more so they can grow large as well.

Some types of fat stores are more dangerous than others. If you tend to store fat around your belly more so than your thighs, then you are at a greater risk of disease. Researchers believe this has to due with visceral fat versus subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is often found around the lower half of your body, whereas visceral fat is deposited inside of your abdomen.

Scientists aren’t quite sure why visceral fat cells are more dangerous. It may be because they are metabolically more active and erupt with more toxins. They may also interfere with your liver function, hindering regulation of blood glucose and cholesterol.

How Does Stress Increase the Production of Fat Cells?

You can probably admit that when under high levels of stress, you tend to change your eating habits. You reach for comfort foods to satisfy emotions, or grab the fastest meal you can find to save time. However, if you gain weight while under stress, it isn’t all due to a poor diet. Your body has a delicate system of hormonal checks and balances, and stress disturbs this system.

When your brain is under stress, it releases a gene-activating hormone called neuropeptide Y that cause fat cells to grow larger and multiply. Scientific studies have shown that subjects under stress gain twice as much fat as those who are not under stress when fed the same high-calorie diet.

This hormone functions like a master key that unlocks fat cell receptors, then pumps them full of energy. As your fat cells swell and multiply, the receptors become polluted and are unable to expel that toxic sludge inside.

Another hormone that kicks in during times of stress is cortisol. Cortisol secretes from the adrenal gland in a natural pattern called diurnal variation. This pattern makes it so the levels of cortisol in your bloodstream are higher at different times of the day. Cortisol levels are highest in the morning and lowest around midnight.

Extreme amounts of high stress will cause your adrenal glands to secrete excess cortisol and change its natural pattern. The disruption in the diurnal variation promotes weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. As you learned above, abdominal fat is toxic and can lead to disease.

How Do I Get Rid of Fat Cells?

The best way to rid your body of fat cells is to increase your natural metabolism through a process called thermogenesis or rising of your body temperature . You also need to regulate adrenal hormones to rebalance your production of cortisol.

At Ignite Naturals we’ve discovered the key to naturally firing up metabolism so you can torch fat cells and gain the lean body you’ve always dreamed of. The secret lies within the potent combination of GSH Ignite™ and Adrenal Reboot™.

Essentially, all of these fat cells bogged down with toxic waste interfere with your natural energy production. Energy is produced through adenosine tryphosphate (ATP), which is your major source of cellular reactions, and a sodium potassium pump which controls the movement of sodium ions out of your cells and potassium ions into them, all through the breakdown of ATP.

A greater energy output means your metabolism functions more efficiently. This allows your body to utilize fat cells as energy. The best way to trigger the thermogenesis process in your body is through diet and exercise, along with the support of supplements.

The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes only.

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