If you want complete recovery, you need to go beyond just carbohydrate and protein replenishment.

power now

Whole foods and 100% natural ingredients to instantly accelerate your body’s natural energy.

daily recuperation

Nourish and balance your adrenals, helping to fortify against stress, promote recuperation after exercise and maintain healthy energy levels.


To enhance power, strength and energy naturally, then you need to go to the core of the issue: cellular energy.

energy plus strength plus power

Choosing the right pre-workout nutrition is critical when it comes to personal performance.


Your success as an athlete relies heavily on recovery and recuperation.

weight management

Though poor diet and lack of exercise contribute to weight gain, it's not the only determining factor. In order to understand why you gained weight and how you can lose it, you first need to get inside the anatomy of a fat cell.

active adult

We need more than a ‘quick fix’ to get us through the day. The solution to chronic low energy needs to address the causes, rather than just cover up the symptoms for a few hours.

IN Refresh testimonials

IN Refresh Sports Drink Powder Testimonials

I tried the blueberry blend, which is surprisingly tasty and thirst quenching.

By Get IN

IN Refresh new packaging

IN Refresh’s New Packaging

New Look for IN Refresh: Same Great Benefits A new look and package for IN Refresh sports drink powder. Our new electrolyte packaging is now: Reduced environmental footprint: The new single serving packs each use 50% less packaging materials, significantly reducing its environmental footprint, while keeping the same generous serving size. More convenient: The more [...]

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Thumbnail image for Six Reasons to Add the Lavaman Triathlon to your Bucket List

Six Reasons to Add the Lavaman Triathlon to your Bucket List

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try it but needed an excuse. Maybe you’ve never even thought about doing one. Here’s why it’s time to add the Lavaman Triathlon to your bucket list…

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Electrolyte Drink Powders Comparison Chart

Electrolyte Comparison Chart

Comparison chart of different electrolyte drink powders.

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6 Benefits of the Prickly Pear Cactus

Cactus in a Bottle: 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Prickly Pear

Imagine you’re in the hot, dry desert, the sun beating down on your back. There’s no water to be found. How would you survive? Desert animals thrive by …

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Poison in  your sports drink?

Is That Poison in Your Sports Drink?

Ever taken a swig of one of the popular sports drinks? There is a high risk that you consumed …

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What your supplement facts panel may not tell you.

You’ve Probably Consumed This Hidden Ingredient Without Knowing It

When we began making our all-natural sports shakes, we soon discovered that it was virtually impossible to find fruit extracts without this ‘hidden’ ingredient that you likely won’t find listed on the label.

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Quality of Supplements

Scandal Reveals Two Shocking Findings about Herbal Supplements

… the problem is that no matter how informed we are, we still may not know what we’re really consuming. A study released this month in the BMC Medicine journal reveals two shocking findings about the 44 different natural products they tested.

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Brown Rice - Super Carbs

Brown Rice: Whole Grain for Better Nutrition

Because brown rice is a whole grain, it retains a complete package of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals found in the bran and germ. This complex of nutrients is mostly missing from white rice, but …

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From cripple to triathlete.

From Cripple to Triathlete

It used to be that during a race I would just expect to throw up as soon as I got on my bike. It was something I made a compromise for… and I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore. Triathlons are hard enough without getting physically sick!

By Get IN


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