Replenish the electrolytes you need to function your best with IN Refresh.

Your daily healthy drink filled with the riches of tropical and desert plants. Each serving of IN Refresh provides your body with natural fast-absorbing hydration properties from plants while retaining their full nutritional benefits.

  • Pure Real Food Ingredients
  • Maximum Absorption & Hydration
  • Replenish lost minerals
  • Restore cellular fluids
  • Healthy Antioxidants

dragon fruit • prickly pear
pomegranate • cranberry
aloe • coconut water

100% plant-based • Non GMO • Vegan • Gluten Free


Dragonfruit Lemon Lime

Tangerine Passion Fruit


Kona Blend

Prickly Pear
(not sweet)

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Availability: In stock

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For use prior, during and after workouts, training and competitions to naturally fulfill and gratify the body's electrolyte requirements with food ingredients

Add one scoop of IN Refresh to 8 oz. of water and mix well

Important: IN Refresh does not prevent dangerous physical conditions, including hyponatemia or heat stroke, caused by over extension in hot conditions.

Factors such as aclimatization to local climate, biological sensitivities, weather conditions, body weight and fitness level each may significantly affect the depletion of electrolytes. Each person must conduct their own electrolyte dosing trials during an assortment of circumstances and conditions to ascertain their particular requirements.


Real food nutrition
Harness the lush properties of tropical and desert plants with IN Refresh. By using 100% plant-based high quality real food ingredients that are in as close to their natural state as possible without handing you a fresh tangerine or a cup of blueberries, IN Refresh seizes the natural fast-absorbing hydration properties of the plants while retaining their nutritional benefits.

Fast absorbing vitamins and minerals
Because IN Refresh is based around real foods your body has an easy time absorbing and incorporating these familiar vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your cells. A serving of IN Refresh provides a balanced level of electrolytes from tropical and desert plants.

Fast absorbing real food complex

Tangerine Passion Fruit Blueberry Prickly Pear Dragon Fruit Lemon Lime Kona Blend
Dragon fruit
Prickly pear
Organic coconut water

Balanced Electrolyte Complex
72 important trace minerals supplying macro and micro essential electrolytes create an advanced, balanced electrolyte profile with IN Refresh, enhancing the absorption speed, creating superior hydration for the body.

High in Hydration, Low in Carbohydrates
Low in carbohydrates, each serving contains less than two grams which are derived from the real food ingredients, and has no artificial sweeteners or processed sugars added that may harm your performance or result in violent insulin spikes. Because of its low carbohydrate content, you can feel great pairing it with a post-workout replenishment snack or use it as a great hydration option any time of the day without worrying about adding extra calories into your diet.

Natural real-food superior hydration for optimal performance We only produce what we would put in our own bodies. Quality is first and foremost when it comes to formulating our products and IN Refresh is another one that we’re proud of. All of IN Refresh’s delicious flavors are derived from non-GMO plant-based ingredients and are free from processed sugars, artificial nutrients or harmful preservatives. Each IN Refresh label has our Real Food Nutrition seal and is vegan and gluten-free.


“I liked it in general and can tell it is doing the job. I’d like it a little fruitier...but that’s just me! I like the fact that its real food!! Doesn’t taste fake and taste is healthy not just pure sugar. I felt a difference in my workouts last week when I used it as opposed to the last product I was using.”

“It was light and refreshing without being too sweet. I love that it is just electrolytes. I can take my running fuel from other sources and I just want the electrolytes to help keep me hydrated.”

“Very different than all the other brands, very unique.”

“LOVE drinking it on my bike!!”

“I would love to try another flavor too. Thought this is great. The more natural the better, and so many electrolyte companies use extra ingredients that irritate my tummy. I liked the flavor, I liked how easy it mixed. ”

“Yes, it’s perfect for the days I don’t need higher calories as part of my hydrating solution.”

“Light and fruity with no heavy syrup after taste!”

“Not too sweet, but sweet enough it was a nice treat post-run.”

“I enjoyed the fruit flavor and its easy mix-ability. The drink was sweet without tasting like a sweetener or sugar. I think the value is a substantial, compared to some other powdered drink mixes, especially because the ingredients are whole foods.”

“It didn’t taste artificially sweet. That is a PLUS. And it was tangy!”

“Fresh, light, not overwhelming, no aftertaste.”

“The dragon fruit lemon lime wasn’t too sweet and the flavor actually encouraged me to drink more often. Yes, I would purchase it again. The flavor is great, I had no GI distress an felt that it enhanced my hydration.”

“Refreshing fruit flavor without a synthetic taste; not too sweet or too salty; no harsh synthetic sweetener aftertaste. One of the better tasting products I have tried!”

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