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I.N. Extreme Energy: The Ultimate All-natural Antidote for
Muscle Soreness and Long Recoveries

Being sore and exhausted after training or a workout hurts so good. You’re making progress toward your goal, but it also signals muscle damage and stress at the cellular level. Good news: at this point, it’s reversible. Bad news: keep pushing the limits without giving your body the nutrients and amino acids it needs to recuperate and the cumulative results can be serious, possibly permanent.

I.N. Extreme Energy is a post-workout recovery dietary supplement. This all-natural, stimulant-free formula helps your body recover by cleaning your cells of metabolic waste—the source of muscle fatigue, inflammation and weakened nutrient absorption. When your cells are free from toxins and energized again, they completely rebound remarkably faster than usual.

“Many of my successful gains were derived from my ability to recovery quickly and put together more quality training sessions in closer succession while using I.N. Extreme Energy. Since I’ve used it after every workout in the past six months, I’ve cut my recovery rates down by about 50-60%.”

Matthew Tague, elite triathlete and coach

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Intense competitive training, grueling weight or strength training sessions, yoga classes or taking the dog on long hikes—they’re all a workout. Anytime your body uses energy, you have to follow it up with the right nutritional support. This is true for anyone who works out or trains competitively, especially as we age when it’s harder for cells to expel toxins and support the immune system.

“Three weeks after placing 3rd in The SunTrust National Marathon in D.C., I ran a 10K race against a very competitive group. Without I.N. Extreme Energy I would need one or two more weeks of recovery to do this. These supplements shortened my recovery time after my marathon.”

Wilson Komen, National level marathoner and coach

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I.N. Extreme Energy Works With Your Body’s Natural
Response to Training and Exercise

When your workout is over, your body automatically goes into recovery mode. But recovering doesn’t have to slow you down or derail your training or fitness goals anymore. Chances are you already have some sort of recovery process in place. Add to it I.N. Extreme Energy’s all-natural nutritional support to:

Help clear away metabolic waste from your cells. Metabolic waste is a normal byproduct of energy production. Allow it to build up and cells struggle to produce more energy and repair themselves. The end results are less energy, longer recovery times and even a permanent decrease in energy production.

Counter free radical damage and oxidative stress. Exercise produces free radicals—dangerous molecules that can damage cell and muscle tissue to the point of muscle loss and inflammation. High free radical levels can continue to damage your muscles even after you’ve stopped exercising, which keeps you on the sideline longer.

Promote a healthy anti-inflammatory response. Blame inflammation for sore muscles. If not taken seriously or treated, you risk chronic inflammation, which can throw off your entire training season. I.N. Extreme Energy contains the natural anti-inflammatory peptide TGF-ß and organic turmeric, royal jelly and papain to shorten recovery time by supporting the reduction of inflammatory cytokines in tissue.

Support a healthier immune system. Intense exercise drains energy from cells, leaving them open to bacterial and viral attacks. If you get sick, your body uses what energy it has left to fight off the bug, which means you not only feel awful, but also there’s less energy to devote to training.

Repair and rebuild muscle. Intense exercise creates tiny tears in the muscles. Without the 18 essential amino acids that heal those muscle cells, a full and complete recovery before your next event or workout just isn’t possible.

“My workouts are very intense, consisting of a daily 6-mile run, swimming, and endurance event training, all while teaching others. My body definitely feels more balanced as I.N. Extreme Energy has enabled me to detoxify years of toxins out of my system while recharging my body after a long day.”

Marsha Irving, endurance athlete and trainer

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The Science Behind I.N. Extreme Energy’s All-Natural Formula

I.N. Extreme Energy’s proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients promotes energy and recovery naturally by restoring your cells’ health and their ability to function at top capacity. That’s one part of the recovery process. Another is increasing energy levels by supporting heart and respiratory function for noticeably more oomph. Last but not least, I.N. Extreme helps muscle cells use and store glycogen—critical to overcoming fatigue and soreness.

Don’t be misguided by nutritional supplements that use processed sugar or artificial ingredients. They do more harm than good, increasing oxidative stress on your cells and taxing internal organs like the adrenals. One of the most common is maltodextrin—a polysaccharide created when acids or enzymes are added to cornstarch. This process breaks them down into dextrose molecules. Because of its long-chain glucose molecule structure, they are then classified as a complex carb. But natural? No way.

Sure, maltodextrin is a complex carb, but its simple structure of repeated dextrose doesn’t provide long-term energy like I.N. Extreme Energy does. Digestive enzymes must alter it first before your body can benefit from its energy.

maltodextrin lacks vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found in natural complex carbohydrates. Taking it may actually reduce the amount of vitamins and minerals in your body. With I.N. Extreme there is no added maltodextrin, nothing artificial like sweeteners or flavors, period. Mix it with other natural ingredients for even more nutritional benefits and carbs.
“Other guys have been very, very impressed. They love the stuff (I.N. Extreme Energy) and can’t get enough; my one teammate is like an addict. We all feel like it’s head and shoulders above anything else we have tried. We feel like we have tapped into something that legitimately works and isn’t going to screw with our bodies.”

Jim Hebert

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How does I.N. Extreme Energy help build a healthy immune system?

The hormone-free immunoglobulin concentrate in I.N. Extreme Energy is similar to the colostrum found in breast milk, serving both as a supply of high-quality, absorptive protein and as an immune booster. Immunoglobulins are antibodies – natural plasma proteins that your immune system uses to fight against intruding viruses and bacteria. I.N. Extreme Energy delivers immunoglobulins to your gut where they fight against disease-causing organisms andinflammation, allowing your body more energy for other tasks. Unlike antibiotics, which destroy both good and bad bacteria, immunoglobulins only work against the bad bacteria, for optimal immune health.