Peak Performance When You Need It Most. Great Real Fruit Taste. Easy to Digest.

Fuel your body naturally with Reload Energy Gel™. Packed with nutritionally dense, real food energy-boosting ingredients your body easily digests, absorbs quickly, and converts into steady, dependable energy. Trusted by top performance athletes worldwide who demand the best for their body.

Made from 100% organic fig paste or 100% organic brown rice syrup with zero fiber, Reload energy gels combine cutting edge science with amazing real food ingredients to produce the healthiest, best tasting, energy gel on the market. Perfect for those who can't tolerate other energy gels.

Non GMO • Vegan • Gluten Free • No Preservatives • No Processed Sugars

12 Pack Boxes

$27.00 per box

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For best results:
One packet 15 minutes prior to activity.
One packet per hour during activity.
Always follow consumption with water.

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Real energy from real food. Exactly what the body needs when you hit a wall or need some extra fuel in the gas tank. Caffeine-free. No preservatives or processed sugars. Nothing artificial to get in the way of peak performance and optimal health.

Reload™ Energy Gels are made from real figs, brown rice and fruits to give overworked muscles and tired cells the nutrition they need to produce a natural boost of energy. It’s a wholefood energy gel for a holistic approach to producing energy. And because Reload is made from real food, it has the naturally delicious taste of real food.

100% organic fig paste: Easily digestible source of energy, and mineral rich to replete electrolytes

100% organic brown rice syrup: Easily digestible source of energy

Maqui berry extract: Antioxidant protects heart function, and a natural source of minerals and flavonoids

Peak ATP: Elevates APT levels to create more energy naturally

CoQ10 ubiquinone: Antioxidant generates cellular energy, and supports healthy heart function

Ecklonia cava: Potent antioxidant and supports the reduction of inflammatory cytokines in tissue

Sea salt: Electrolyte maintaining osmotic pressure in extracellular fluid, loaded with trace minerals


“During my last Spartan Race, I felt like I was about to hit a wall. I grabbed a Reload Energy Gel out of my pack and within a few minutes I felt like I could keep running forever. I improved my pace per mile over my previous race by more than 5 minutes! Other energy gels have tasted so bad that I never even put them in my pack for events. These tasted like actual food as opposed to the others that tasted like licking a chemistry lab floor.”
Nicole, Recreational Athlete

“Far superior to other similar product made of organic, gluten free ingredients.”
Katerina, Competitive Athlete

“Being a celiac and allergic to dairy as well, I really have to watch my diet. I try really hard to stick to only natural ingredients with my supplements. So when I found the Reload Energy Gels, I had to give it a try and I LOVED them! They are sweet without being too sweet. They give me that boost I need and do not upset my stomach.”
Christina, Triathlete

“First of all, it’s delicious!! I’ve used other gels, but they all had a sticky-sweet taste that stayed with me. And second of all, it did the job. It provides me with a comfortable burst of energy on long runs and races. And the fact that it uses only natural ingredients is a big plus.”
John, Road Runner Athlete

“Natural ingredients, good taste, easy to open”
Erin, Competitive Athlete

“It is made in a manner consistent with my beliefs and values related to what I put in my body. It is much easier to get down when you’re in the middle of a workout and digests more easily, all while leaving a pleasant aftertaste.”
Chris, Triathlete

“I prefer the texture, the taste is great, it fuels as well, and my body likes it better. It was tolerated by my system much better than the “traditional” gels. Much less GI distress.”
Heather, Recreational Athlete

“My wife and I are extremely health conscious. We both practice a Paleo or Primal diet and are very happy to find an energy gel that doesn’t use maltodextrin.”
Bill, Recreational Athlete

“I especially liked the taste, its natural ingredients, how easy it is to open on the run, and it does give you a burst of energy!”
Melvin, Competitive Athlete

“It’s important to me to use all natural food products (when I’m not cooking from scratch) and I like that this gel isn’t a processed sugar. It’s tough to find natural sports nutrition, and this even tastes good and works well! Helped me recover from bonking.”
Dawn, Triathlete

“Great taste, love the all natural ingredients! The energy boost was constant with no spikes up or down.”
Nancy, Masters Athlete

“While the flavors are limited, this product is delicious. Reminescent of eating a Fig Newton, these power-packed gels are like nothing I have ever experienced. The raw energy that you get from squeezing that last bit out the pouch is worth the effort.”
Donny, Duathlete

“I love it because it gives a sustained energy, not the extreme spike and bonk from other gels”
Monica, Competitive Athlete

“Tastes real. Very much enjoy the fig paste consistency. Great for diabetics: hypoglycemia.”
Beth, Duathlete

“I liked the flavor, the fact that it is all-natural, and above all I did not experience any gastric distress during training or on race day.”
Jami, Triathlete

“These flavors are sweet and flavorful without tasting like candy. The fig paste gives the gel sustenance and I think it makes it easier to chew down. It is nice to know there is an all natural alternative to energy gels!”
Adeleni, Outdoor Pursuits Adventurist

“It’s the healthiest gel on the market.”
Mary Anne, Recreational Athlete

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