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Thinking of joining the Ignite Naturals™ team? Here's what other retailers are saying about Ignite Naturals:

"When we first took on this product line I was skeptical about everything. The price, the amount of protein per serving and why someone would pay so much for a product like I.N. Extreme Energy when there are only 10 grams of protein per serving. I was absolutely floored as to the response and our sales of Ignite Naturals products, to put it mildly. This product sells.

When we start running low, our customers let us know because they want to make sure we keep enough stock so the products will be available when they come back to re-purchase. They keep coming back. It's almost a cult following - once our customers have started taking an Ignite Naturals supplement they continue to re-purchase, and they continue to highlight the results they're getting as being amazing.

This product line stands out. It's unique both in terms of the results our customers receive and the ingredients within the product. When a customer is coming in and looking for something different, this is the product we introduce them to."

Manager Westerly Foods #1 Independent Health Food Store in New York City

"We primarily cater to the body building crowd and strength training athletes. Most of our customers are looking to maximize their protein intake and are very concerned with cost, so I wasn't sure that Ignite Naturals products would be a fit. Their products were new to the market at the time and I didn't have a sense of the story behind their line.

Over the past year my view on their products has turned 180 degrees through watching sales and getting feedback from customers. We sell a tremendous number of products at this store, and for Ignite Naturals to rank in the top 20 products being sold within 1 year is amazing to me. Our customers looking for ways to increase their strength training keep on buying the GSH Ignite, and their recuperation products have sold extremely well at our store also.

All in all I'm quite pleased with the sales results of the Ignite Naturals product line, along with the level of support the company provides to us on an ongoing basis."

Eva's Supplements #1 sports supplements & vitamins store in NYC
Dmitry Store Owner